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The making of Taliban

Over the last three decades, Afghanistan is at war against its own self, how you can teach those people against war who are sleeping and walking in war, who are eating and feeding their siblings because of war and who are digging out their own house under which they sleep and eat? No religion and no sage can show them that side of the war which they do not want to see, they can only see that each shot they fire brings each meal of the day.

  Don’t we know that during the Second World War, the US biscuits and blanket’s factories turned to make ammunitions and those hands which were making food stuffs did not hesitate to do the other job? Can we teach these people that they are making bombs and missiles which will be fired on human and not on a race they call dinosaurs? And we can not wean them away from their jobs unless we give them an alternative source of livelihood.

Taliban are no exception, they are human hunters, they trade in the Human-dead, and there is no Islam and no ideology in their killings. They kill in the masques, they kill in the streets, they kill in the houses, and they kill their prey wherever they see it. The most amazing thing is that they did not learn this hunting trade from any hunting animal but they learned it from the most sophisticated American human who would buy one human dead or alive @ $10000 from the Pak Army.

It is said that history repeats itself in 100 years in one circulation; the Americans repeat their Cardinal error twice in a decade which has upset the circulation of history. Do they know how many Taliban had they purchased from the Pak-ISI? Are they stupid to sell them their assets, they have rather increased the number of Taliban by selling the US the innocent civilians and as a reaction their nears and dears have become Taliban, this circulation has done two go in a decade, the first, when the US stood along side the Jihadists in Afghanistan against the former USSR and then they chose to do business with the mentors and creators of Taliban-the ISI. This is no surprise and should not be one for the Americans that the Pakistani ISI is supporting the Haqqani group or this or that group. If the US still believes in Haqqani group or any other group of Taliban, they are repeating the mistake thrice in one decade. The ISI is the mother of all Taliban, they are not groups they are just the structural components of the ISI. The Americans need to change their perception that the ISI is supporting any group of Taliban; they are supporting its own self.


Interestingly, how does the ISI produce Taliban, they look for the simple folks, they study their religious instincts, buy a religious demagogue in the community, turn him to an icon by putting their own men behind him, then the district administration and the men at helm of affairs attend his sermons and then the common folk gathers around this messiah and now the stage is ready for the act. The folks become Taliban, they started killing and looting and striking fear in the population by public hanging, whipping and chopping heads. The ISI owned media comes into action, the world looks at wide eyes and the show is progressing. A stage comes when the heroes, the Pak army appears on the scene, a fake war between the two friends begins, their bullets can’t hit the targets, but they hit the innocent civilians, the Pak army shoot them by mistake and the Taliban shoot them with purpose- to offer human scarifies to the merciful God, Allah. At this stage the hunters disappear, they change their boots and cloths, now their faces are not covered and they are at large to chase the supernatural Taliban. They arrest hundreds of the common folks, put them in their custody and teach them a lesson and the consequences of not helping the local or the supernatural Taliban. Now those in custody are become brainwashed, the ISI chooses its prisoners carefully and pay full attention to their ages- between 13 and 30. There is only one exit for them, either to explode themselves or to become unpaid Taliban. The US is also given from the stock.


The US and the ISI is fighting against the supernatural Taliban. We can only pray for them to emerge victorious in this difficult war against the invisibles but what is visible is the $20 BILLION DOLLARS the US lavished on its partner in the war for terror or the war against terror, as you wish to say it.

We have a proverb in Pashto, “do not put your foot on the head of a snake but if you put do not left until you have smashed the head. The American knows the snake and has put its foot on it but its shivering, they are looking both ways.      




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